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Well, it's another Friday at the office... with the family. Sis is getting one of her wisdom teeth taken out today. Bro says he's gonna keep her drugged up all weekend and make her sleep since she won't on her own. Lol They're baby is 4 months old now, no problems and she's still not sleeping like she should. (Sis is my sis-in-law; Sissy is my real sister). I think I'm just mostly going to relax this weekend. I slept worse than usual lately so there's not a whole lot rolling through my mind. I'll start with sleeping in tomorrow... till 'bout 7 when Ivy wakes me up... drink a pot of coffee... maybe weed-eat the yard sometime... unless the tropical storm keeps me inside. Between you and me though, I won't be disappointed if it does.

Enjoy you're weekend everyone!



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