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School in 2010
I decided to home school my daughter after an episode with her assigned public school this-morning. I walked in to get the registration packet and asked the lady if there would be someone in her class to help her do things she needed such as using the restroom. She said no. They don't do that. Then she asked me if I had an IEP and I told her yes. She said she wasn't aware of any services they had and another guy said they couldn't do anything because they didn't have enough staff anyway. I called DCF (Children's Medical Services) and explained the situation to my family coordinator and he said they are required by law to provide those services; it's not an option!

Oh, Btw, my daughter has a prosthetic for her right leg and her arms are not fully formed so she receives physical and occupational therapy weekly. She is special needs physically. Mentally she's enough to drive a genius nuts! LOL

So, if I put her into this school she's basically not going to get the attention she needs. If I leave her where she is, I have to deal with another year of the changing staff and therapists, lying/cheating office staff and complete lack of concern for the children. Her principal actually asked me to hold her back a grade last year for the sole purpose of going to class with another child (Her best friend). It didn't matter that my daughter is slightly smarter than the other students. She's the only one in the school with a prosthetic that's mentally where she needs to be. The others are behind and all they had to say is "She refuses to conform". NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! I'm her mother, she's exactly like me! Don't you think I know she has an attitude problem... according to YOU?!?!?!  *sigh*

Anyway, it was a great morning until I told my parents of my intention. I'm amazed at how they tell me so often that I can do anything I put my mind to but as soon as I try to make a decision concerning !!!MY!!! child, they have an issue with it! =((( .... as if I'm 15 trying to raise a child!!! GGRRR Sorry for the rant but this is really bugging me. They always rain on my parade!!!! I HATE IT!!!!

Oh yea... and the school I was really hoping to get her into said they wouldn't have open enrollment (For non-district students) until after the beginning of school. So, ok... 1. I put her in a place where she's not getting her needs met, then change her school, teachers, peers, ect... 2. leave her where she is... not being taught what she needs to know... or 3. Home school her... HHmmm Yeah =(    *rolls eyes*  Thanks big Gov guys and public schools. Great Job *Insert sarcasm*  *sigh*  Now I'm just getting more and more frustrated. I could really use some kind of decent support group around here. Maybe this Sunday I'll actually go to church. There's supposed to be a really good one in town started by a group of single mothers and parents of disabled children.

Idk... for now, I've got to run though. Works over in 1 1/2 hours and I've done nothing but check into school stuff today. I'm also aggravated about it because I thought it was all taken care of and now I'm having to rush to get things done. There's more to the story of her current school than what I posted... I just don't feel like taking more time to add it all.

I hope you're all having a good day. <3

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I don't have any kids (I'm the eternal aunt) but if someone told me my kid "...refuses to conform" I would be so proud of them. I can't imagine the frustrations that you must be going through, but good luck with getting them sorted! :)

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