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I haven't posted anything recently so I wanted to stop by and say "Hello".

Small update: 1) Have to move soon b/c landlord (married w/  kids) has been coming over late at night, even after being asked not to. 2) Sis just got laid off from work so I'll be moving in with them to help them too. 3) Other Sis may be moving back home soon - Bf has been using/selling drugs and beating her. She got arrested for possession and DCF took the baby for now. 4) Mom's having to tell dad about it today. They may have to go get her. 5) Best friend is having trouble getting custody of his son & people around him are treating him bad. 6) Stress is not having a very good effect on my health at all.

On a good note: I have a good daughter & pets, family & friends that love me, a job, home, vehicle, a few extras and sunshine.

I hope you're all doing well and I hope to be back on here posting better entries soon.



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